GET READY music from the Masses Is coming to a city near you!

Choirs have been an essential part of musical inspiration, expression, service and worship for centuries, dating back to when King David appointed the very first choir some 3,000 years ago. The sound of unified, gifted voices is one that cannot be compared. Even with its foundation deriving directly from the church, it’s reach has expanded heavily into the music of pop culture throughout the years. Unfortunately, many churches have dismantled their mass choirs in an effort to become what they felt would make their music ministry, more relevant thus making elite praise teams and elite praise bands the norm. This was and is an unfortunate miscalculation.

MUSIC FROM THE MASSES is the experience that will be one of the conduits of revitalization for choirs of today, a testament of unity, love, hope and an avenue that will display strength of community. MFTM seeks to is to inspire the passion behind the common voice once again while at the same time reestablishing the choir as one of the pillars of the church experience. What better way to accomplish this than bringing together some of the most amazing mass choirs in the nation! This is a movement that is not exclusive for the elite, but inclusive of everyone. It is also not for spectators, but for participators. No matter the age, ethnicity or cultural background, this experience will truly represent MUSIC FROM THE MASSES.”